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Social Science Alumni - A few of our students' biographies.

Lakayana Drury

Drury"My undergraduate degree in Applied Social Science had complimented my future studies and provided a solid foundation heading into law school. This was what I planned for the unforeseeable future, after which the possibilities are endless. The beauty of the future is that of the unknown, and I am very excited to see how it unfolds..."  

Xanthi Gerasimo

Xanthi Gerasimo"I came to UW-Stout with all intentions of transferring to a liberal arts college after taking a year of general credits; however the social science department and the new APSS major truly impressed me. The passion everyone had for the new major and for our growth as students stood out. That passion had never decreased throughout my time in the department, the amount of one-on-one attention I received from professors and staff was amazing..." 

Scott Perlick

Perlick"I was almost ready to transfer schools until I took a sociology class and learned about a new program the social science department was developing called Applied Social Science.  The description of the program fit with what I was interested in, the professors were all great, and it seemed like a challenge where a lot could be learned and not just graded...."