Early Childhood Education Conference

45th Annual | April 19 and 20, 2024
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Jim Gill                   Jim Gill

       A Joyous Way to Learn!

Friday's Keynote Presentation 

In this energizing keynote session, Jim will share examples of his work - both books and songs - that teachers and care providers can bring back to their classrooms, playrooms, and family rooms. Most importantly, Jim will discuss how his unique creations in music play inspire young children not only to move but to regulate their movements . . .  not only to sing but to make connections between the words they sing and the printed work and the world of numbers. 

     Music Play with Purpose 

Friday's Breakout Presentation

This session is a great follow-up to Jim's keynote address. It is filled with the musical inspiration you'll need to keep energized!

In this lively session, Jim Gill shares additional musical games and explains, in greater detail, the purpose behind his play. His active music play provides a context for children to develop abilities, such as self-regulation, essential to school success. Jim's clever wordplay and rhymes in the context of active movement games also provide broad opportunities for literacy development.

You'll bring some inspiration, useful in the morning and afternoon, back to your work with young children!

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