Kelly Wenig

Kelly Wenig


Phone 715-232-1465
Office 11 Bowman Hall

Education & Background:

I grew up on a small dairy farm milking 40 head of cows outside Chilton, WI that has been in my family for over 125 years. I earned my undergraduate degree in History from UW-Green Bay in 2006, my MA in American History from the University of Cincinnati in 2009, and my PhD in Rural, Agricultural, Technological, and Environmental History from Iowa State University in 2017. Since 2017, I have taught and worked in student success offices at Iowa State University, Wayne State College, Temple University’s Japan campus in Tokyo, and now, proudly, at Stout back in my beloved home state. 

As the Director of the Advisement Center, I help shape our systems and work with other offices to ensure all our students get the best support we can possibly provide them and will continue to work to expand support to students.

Free Time/Personal:

In my free time, I exercise, watch movies, enjoy spending time with my cats, and traveling around the Midwest. I firmly believe that Wisconsin is the best state, and that the Midwest is best place on earth.

Tips for Success:

Be as efficient as possible with your time because we only have a limited amount of it. If someone is already doing something well, feel free to adapt it into your habits and make it yours. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make your life better and more meaningful.