Science, Technology & Society Minor

Do you want to discover how science and technology influence what it means to be human?
Degree Type Minor
Careers & Salaries Career Outcomes
Delivery On Campus

Science and technology express human values, and changes in science and technology influence what it means to be human.

UW-Stout students in a Qualitative Research Methods course.

Our Science, Technology & Society Minor (STS) aims to help you better understand how we consider human values when making decisions to use and apply science and technology.

UW-Stout students in a Sociology course.

You will develop awareness of how historical forces, cultural attitudes, and political and ecological processes affect the implementation of scientific, technological, and engineering knowledge – and also how such knowledge affects society.

UW-Stout student in a Quantitative Research Methods course.

You will gain critical analytical skills by learning to consistently ask: How do science and technology express our human values? And, how do we, in our roles as citizens, guide science and technology?


Minor Requirements

Minors are defined as either "studies in the discipline" or as “teaching.”