B.S. Supply Chain Management

Learn how to evaluate and manage the entire production flow of goods or services--from raw components to consumer product delivery.
Degree Type Bachelor of Science
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UW-Stout's Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management is a blending of engineering, operations, and business courses combined with real-world management experience. Effective supply chain management minimizes cost, waste, and time. It is crucial for companies to operate at maximum efficiency if they want to remain competitive and profitable - that’s where you come in as a supply chain professional!

UW-Stout's B.S. Supply Chain Management degree is a blend of engineering, operations and business. / UW-Stout

Wide-Ranging Career Opportunities

Modern supply chain management is about more than just where and when. It'll be your job to identify and build more effective supply chain operations, to protect the company's reputation and long-term sustainability. We'll teach you the skills necessary to affect product and service quality, delivery, costs, customer experience, and profitability.

"What's unique about this program is you get a taste of everything. You're not going to just be focused on supply chain or just focused on business. You turn out to be a very well-rounded individual after you graduate because you'll have expertise in a little bit of everything."

-- Alexa Gravunder
B.S. Supply Chain management

100% of Our Graduates are Employed or Continuing Education

You’ll graduate ready to begin your management career and improve your company's performance at the lowest cost, and at the highest quality and safety within the supply chain. Supply chain management positions start at $55,000 to $65,000 with some upwards of $70,000 a year.

"My experience in the Supply Chain Management program at UW-Stout was nothing short of incredible. The creativity, critical thinking skills, and professionalism really prepared me for the real world. If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be ‘growth."

-- Destiny Vojtik
B.S. Supply Chain Management

Business & Management Courses

The majority of your courses will feature industry-sponsored projects leading up to a hands-on internship or co-op experience. As a supply chain management student, your studies will start with a variety of introductory business courses to build your management learning base.


Program Overview

View program plans, credit requirements and course descriptions.


You'll then progress to the program-specific courses including procurement, logistics, accounting cost modeling, and supply chain modeling. 

  • Quantitative Methods Production/Operations Management
  • Resource Plan & Materials Management
  • Enterprise Requirements Planning
  • Quality Tools
  • Facility Planning
  • Project Management
  • Principles of Logistics
  • International Supply Chain Modeling
  • Procurement, Sourcing & SCM
  • Negotiation & Supply Chain Contracts
  • Resource Planning Practicum
  • Supply Chain Design I
  • Supply Chain Design II

Design I & II Capstone Project

In the Design I and II senior capstone courses, you will use your problem-solving and critical thinking skills to identify the root causes of a failing business. Similar to your internship or co-op the capstone project is a real-world experience unmatched by any other business or supply chain management program. You'll work with an industry advisory group to build a cost model and figure out how to solve the company's problems.

Advanced & Global Technologies

Supply chain management is all about ensuring the right products, get to the right place, at the right time. Our industry-experienced faculty will teach you best practices and advanced technologies to improve operations and business performance. As a supply chain management graduate, you’ll be able to::

  • Analyze markets and financial performance to provide leadership to supply chain business partners.
  • Design, manage and optimize critical components of supply chain systems, organization, and operations.
  • Integrate engineering and manufacturing practices into global business strategies to improve financial and operational performance.
  • Apply ethical, business, management, engineering, operations, and process principles to diverse situations.

Due to the global nature of supply chain management, you’ll also gain a valuable understanding of global diversity, intercultural communication, and world geography. 

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Admissions Requirements

New First-Year Students

  • There are no additional requirements for new first-year students.

Transfer Students - Spring 2023

  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher from the last institution attended
  • completion of 54 or more credits of required courses.

Students who do not meet the academic requirements above will be admitted as Pre-Supply Chain Management and may qualify for the Supply Chain Management major by completing the appropriate courses at UW-Stout.

Transfer Students - Fall 2023+

  • There are no additional requirements for new transfer students. Students accepted into the university will be admitted directly into the major.
SCM Advisory Committee

SCM Advisory Committee

Jeff  Asproth Director Supply Chain 3M
Bryan Barts Career Services UW-Stout
Ashley Coffey Account Development Advanced Molding Technologies
David Ding Associate Dean, Director of School of Engineering UW-Stout
Erica Frokjer Supply Chain Colder
John Guillen Procurement Management Ellsworth Adhesives
Gene  Gutman Supply Chain Management Program Director UW-Stout
Bill  Hendrickson Board of Directors/Retired CEO Lineage Logistics
Jay Kirihara VP of Engineering and Sales Advanced Molding Technologies
Bernie Knox Corporate Materials Manager Graco
Rich  Krahn Retired Supply Chain Executive Accenture
Neidermyer Gindy STEMM Dean  UW-Stout
Nicholas Nelson General Manager TMC Transportation
Bob  Seidel VP  Supply Chain Ahern
Jerry Terbeville Retired Supply Chain Executive  
Steven Tietz UW-Stout Alumnus Valmont
Andy  Weinberg Director Supply Chain 3M
Jerid Winkler V.P. Supply Chain Ahern
Paula  Post Director of Corporate Purchasing Uline
Carole Jean  Baier Supply Chain Management Program Associate UW-Stout
Frazier Clark Department Chair - Business UW-Stout
Michelle Dingwall Sr. Gift Officer  University Foundation


Tracking of Key Student Performance Measure

UW-Stout's B.S. in Supply Chain Management program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs

The B.S. in Supply Chain Management Student Achievement report has enrollment, final exam, employment and retention data. The Student Learning Assessment Results report is an analysis of student learning and performance standards based on specific competency attainment.

Tracking of Key Student Performance Measure

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

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