Obtaining Equal Access

Connect with Disability Services at your earliest convenience to begin exploring access solutions.
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Developing access solutions can take time.

After receiving your acceptance to UW-Stout from Admissions, contact Disability Services to set up an appointment. Discussing barriers present in the classroom or on campus helps identify reasonable access solutions and contributes to an effective Equal Access Plan. Please follow our Documentation Guidelines when submitting materials for review.


Disability Services maintains a student file that records all student interactions, disability-related documents, and the Equal Access Plan outlining access solutions. Any disability-related documents are kept confidential and shared only with university personnel who are part of implementing accommodations or have responsibilities to ensure equal access.

Equal Access Plan

Upon verification of disability, an Equal Access Plan outlining appropriate services will be established and reviewed with the student. Disability Services will outline the process for the provision of equal access. Standard procedures are followed for auxiliary aids and services (e.g., note takers, exam modifications, alternative textbooks, academic assistance). Consultation with faculty, staff and / or outside professionals regarding essential elements and equal access will occur in situations that are new, complex or sensitive.

Plan Implementation

Disability Services provides individual letters of access for the student whose means of equal access include the use of classroom and/or exam modifications. The student is responsible for distributing the letters to their instructors. It may be helpful to meet with you instructors to discuss specific means of equal access. Instructors will be expected to assist with the provision of equal access. Instructors are not expected to compromise essential elements of the course or evaluation standards.

Implementation Challenges

Students with disabilities will be responsible for contacting Disability Services if equal access is not achieved in an effective or timely manner. Disability Services will work with the student and university personnel to resolve disagreements regarding equal access.


Grievance Procedure

Contact Disability Services if you believe discrimination is occurring because of a disability.
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