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What is Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)?

What is COIL / GoGlobalFIU

What is COIL at UW - Stout?

Collaborative, online, international learning (COIL) is a method/practice of teaching where individuals separated at a distance use the internet and a structured approach to gather two or more classrooms together to share experiences, exchange ideas, and learn about one another.  Instructors and students learn about their discipline from a new perspective and how the resulting knowledge might be applied.

Bridge connecting home campus to the world
COIL bridge connects home campus to the world using technology / Used with permission:

Virtual Exchange Defined

  • Virtual Exchange was a term publicly adopted by the Virtual Exchange Coalition in 2011.  The definition was refined by the Erasmus-funded EVOLVE project in 2018.  Attributes of “virtual exchange” include” 
  • Practice supported by research 
  • Sustained people-to-people education activities/programs 
  • Technology-enabled constructive communication and interactions  
  • The Stevens Initiative adopted the term virtual exchange as did the European Commission when it launched the ERASMUS+ project in 2018 which further validated the “virtual exchange” definition.