Gifts from Home

Send your student encouragement, support and celebration with our gift program.
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Our "Gifts from Home" program will allow you to continuously remind your student that you are there to support and encourage them while they are here at UW-Stout. 

University Dining offers multiple Gifts from Home packages to our Baseline plan students. You may want to send a gift for a birthday, study encouragement or simply as a reminder that you care. 

We guarantee that fresh, high-quality products and your personalized message will be available to your student for pick up at their Residence Hall front desk on the requested date. When ordering, be sure to note the desired delivery date you would like the "Gift from Home" package delivered. You may specify any date that falls on a weekday, Monday through Friday during the academic year when classes are in session. 

Note: Deliveries will not be made on days when school is not in session, i.e., break periods or Winterm.


Options Include: 


Package A: Exam Kit

Includes cookies, fruit, microwave popcorn, Clif® bars, soda or water. Gluten free available.
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Gift from Home Mug-of-Hugs care package.

Package B: Mug O'Hugs

Includes soup, a reusable soup mug, crackers, jumbo muffin, hot chocolate mix, a jumbo muffin and stuffed animal.
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Package C: Ginormous Cookie

We're not kidding, this cookie is ginormous! Decorated with a message of your choice and accompanied by milk.
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