Industrial Design Studios

At UW-Stout's Industrial Design Senior Studio, students research, draft, create and critique 3D models of various items ranging from shoes to furniture.
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The studio consists of several spaces: a comfortable workspace for instruction and creation and where professional speakers hold workshops, room 216A where all Industrial Design students work on their modeling, room 216B which houses 3D printers, a spray booth, and storage and display spaces. The Industrial Design Senior Studio is also the venue for the annual Senior Show, when the studio transforms from a workspace to a trade-show exhibit hall, highlighting the ingenuity of UW-Stout's ID students.

Thousands of visitors attend the Senior Show. Although the studio is spacious enough for so many visitors, it is quite homey.

"We're a tight-knit community," stated Jennifer Astwood, Industrial Design program director. "Underclassmen can seek mentors, upperclassmen collaborate. This space encourages creativity and is essential. It is the students' own space. It belongs to them."