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We know that the needs of our residents differ from student to student, so University Housing works to provide diverse living options and inclusive housing for everyone.  Some of these communities require that you apply in advance, which you may do so after completing the Housing and Dining Preference section on the Housing Gateway, linked on this page.

If you anticipate or experience any disability-related barriers related to living on campus, please speak with Ann Hoffman, University Housing Assistant Director so you may discuss ways to ensure full access.  If you determine that additional disability-related accommodations are necessary, please contact and provide your medical documentation to the Disability Services Office.

Core Living Communities

All residents are members in one of two core communities: the First-Year Experience (FYE) or The Next Experience (TNE)

First-Year Experience The Next Experience
  • Students in first year of college
  • Engage with campus
  • Create personal connections
  • Find new friends
  • Build good academic habits
  • Students in second year and beyond
  • Career development
  • Internship/co-op support
  • Deepen connections
  • Strengthen independence

Inclusive Housing Options

Many of our buildings come equipped with universally designed spaces that accommodate the many needs of our students.  Please review these options below to help inform your housing selection.

  AF CKTO FH HKMC JTC McCalmont North Red Cedar South Wigen
Elevator Access   X X     X X X X  
Climate Controled           X X X    
Single-use/All-gender Restrooms     X     X X X X X
Mixed Gender Living     X   T2/3 X X X X X
Single Gender Living X X   X J/C/T1     X X  
All-Gender Living             X X   X
Single Rooms         X     X X X
North Campus     X   X     X   X
South Campus X X   X   X X   X  
FYE X X   X   X X   X  
TNE X   X   X X X X X X
Inclusive Housing Options Defined
Elevator Access Each of these residence halls have an elevator that services the residential and common spaces of the building.
Single-Use or All-Gender Restrooms Single-Use or All-Gender Restrooms provide a private shower, toilet, and sink for residents.
Mixed Gender Living In mixed-gender communities, residents of the same gender live together in one room but both male and female residents will live in the same community.
Single Gender Living In single-gender communities, only male or female residents live together in the same community.
All Gender Living In all-gender communities, residents may live together regardless of gender identity.
Single Rooms Single Rooms are available as occupancy permits and cost an additional $500 per semester.  If you require a single room as an accommodation, please contact Disability Services for more information. 
North Campus North Campus halls are located 0.7 miles (10-15 minute walk) from the Memorial Student Center.  These residence halls are newly renovated and mostly home to our TNE students.
South Campus South Campus halls are located on UW-Stout's main campus, minutes away from academic buildings.  These residence halls are mostly home to our FYE students and some TNE students.
FYE The First-Year Experience (FYE) is designed to engage residents in the first-year at college with academic, social, and involvement opportunities.
TNE The Next Experience (TNE) is designed for sophomores and beyond to engage them in deepened connections, academic and career advancement, and skill development.

Additional Living Communities

Honors [FYE and TNE]

This community is focused on providing Stout Honors Program students with an academic experience within a social atmosphere. Participants work collaboratively toward completing the requirements of the Honors Program. Learn more about the Honors College.

The Honors Living Community is housed on the third and fourth floor of McCalmont Hall. 

Out @ Stout [FYE and TNE]

This community is for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, any other sexual orientation or gender identity/expression and their friends and allies. This is a close-knit community with ample opportunity to engage and grow through LGBTQIA+ focused events and programs. Learn more about the LGBTQIA+ program.

The Out @ Stout Community is housed on the fourth floor of North Hall.

Student Support Services/TRIO [FYE and TNE]

A cohort of TRIO SSS participants create this living community that will be connected through various learning opportunities to help students' successful transition to college.  To find out more about the TRIO SSS program, visit: www.uwstout.edu/student-support-services.

The SSS/TRIO living community is housed in South Hall. 

Multicultural Floor [FYE and TNE]

This community is for any student interested in social justice and/or living in a diverse environment. Through opportunities to learn of multiculturalism, diversity, social justice, and identities we want our students invested in each other’s successes, learning about intercultural knowledge and understanding, and empowering future leaders to inspire change in their community/world. Students can expect to feel welcomed and supported as they navigate their first year experience.

*Some first year students will be part of Stoutward Bound program. To learn more about Stoutward Bound program visit our website www.uwstout.edu/mss

The MLC is housed in South Hall.

Stoutward Bound [FYE only]

Residents who identify as African American, American Indian, Latino/a, and/or Asian can engage with this living community to receive support and encouragement needed for a successful transition to college. Learn more about the Stoutward Bound program.

The Stoutward Bound community is housed in South Hall.