Sports Event Permits

Over 1,000 campus parking spaces are available within a four block walk of the Recreation/Athletic Complex.
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Parking regulation

All campus parking is regulated for a authorized permit (your license plate is your permit) or paid pay station during hours of parking regulation. Hours of regulation are posted at the entrance of each parking lot.

Hours of regulation

University Housing parking lots, including lots 4 and 34 near the Rec Complex, are regulated for a valid authorization 24 hours per day from 9 PM Sunday night through 1 PM Friday.  Persons attending athletic events may park in Lot 4 or 34 only on the weekend, from 1 PM Friday through 9 PM Sunday, and not in a signed reserved space.

Other lots near the Rec Complex (lots 18, 27, 29) are regulated as follows:

  • Days:  7 AM - 4 PM, Monday through Friday -  Requires an authorized permit or payment of a pay station.
  • Evenings:  4 PM - 2 AM, Monday through Thursday - Does not require the an authorized permit or payment of a pay station.  Only restricted and reserved parking spaces are regulated.
  • Weekends:  4 PM Friday through 2 AM Monday - Does not require an authorized permit or payment of a pay station.  Only restricted and reserved parking spaces are regulated.
  • Overnight:  2 AM - 7 AM every day - Parking is prohibited.

Valid Parking Spaces

Valid parking spaces are defined as within striped pavement markings in a paved lot and fully inside end-of-row signs in gravel lots.  Any area not specifically identified as a parking space, per the above, is a prohibited parking zone for any amount of time.  Take care to not park in reserved/restricted spaces which are regulated 24 hours every day.  Reserved/restricted spaces are signed restricting their use for a specific purpose, e.g. X-Permit Required, Disabled,  Physical Plant, etc.

Event Parking

  • Important:  Regulation of signed/reserved spaces and any area not specifically designated as a parking space is in effect at all times, including during events.
  • Parking for any event, taking place outside of our normal hours of regulation, is free.
  • Parking for any event, taking place during of our normal hours of regulation, is by special arrangement with Police & Parking Services.  Check with the event organizer, or Police & Parking Services, if an event is during normal hours of permit regulation.  If no special arrangements are in place, see additional parking recommendations are listed below.

Recommended parking areas

During the day:  7 AM - 4 PM, Monday through Friday:

  • Pay a pay station (university lot 29)
  • Park legally on a city street

During the evening:  4 PM - 2 AM, Monday through Thursday:

  • Lot 29 (on 13th Ave, directly east of the Recreation & Athletic Complex) is the best evening parking location.
  • Consult the campus map for several other parking lots located within a few blocks of the Recreation & Athletic Complex.

Weekends:  Friday, 4 PM - Sunday, 9 PM:

  • Lot 29 (on 13th Ave, directly east of the Recreation/Athletic Complex) is available until 2 AM Monday morning.
  • Lot 4 (between the Recreation & Athletic Complex and Broadway St.) and Lot 34 (13th Ave and 6th St. E.) are available from 4 PM Friday until 9 PM Sunday evening.
  • All other center campus parking lots (consult campus map) are available from 4 PM Friday until 2 AM Monday.

Overnight parking:

Athletic Department visitors/recruits

Individuals visiting Athletic Department offices/staff should contact the  Physical Education and Athletics Department to request authorization.


Short term loading/unloading near athletic facilities requires authorization from Police & Parking Services.  Contact the parking office prior to loading/unloading to obtain a permit.

Vendor parking

Vendors needing to park near athletic events should contact the Physical Education and Athletics Department to receive authorization.  Athletics Department staff will coordinate the parking arrangements.

Disabled parking

Standard ADA compliant parking spaces are provided in all campus parking lots.  If you have a need for more accessible parking than standard parking areas provide, please call Police & Parking Services at (715) 232-1792 to arrange the accommodation that meets your needs.

Disabled parking spaces are available in Lots 4 and 29.  Display of a state-issued disabled permit is required to park in a signed disabled space.

Bus parking

General guidelines for parking on or around campus:

  • Parking in UW-Stout lots is monitored and regulated 365 days a year. Regulations are posted on lot entrance signs, signs in specific portions of the lots, and on our website:
  • Parking on all streets through, and adjacent to, campus is regulated by the City of Menomonie. Drivers should follow regulations set forth by the city.
  • Exceptions to parking regulations for UW-Stout events may be granted and will be relayed from UW-Stout Police to event coordinators. These exceptions will be in writing and issued to the event coordinators.
  • Buses are only able to utilize UW parking lots for parking on weekends after 4pm on Friday – Sunday afternoon or by written exception from UW-Stout Police.

Drop-off / Pick-up:

The drop-off and pick-up of passengers should be a short-term event and can be done with the following exceptions to parking and regular traffic regulations:

  • Stopping along the edges of lots and in drive lanes, even if marked as a “no parking” or “fire lane,” is permitted if done for the purposes of the drop-off or pick-up. NOTE: The driver must always remain with the bus.
  • Briefly stopping in the drive lanes of UW parking lots where it does not impede the regular flow of traffic for an extended period is permitted for drop-off and pick-up only.
  • Briefly stopping along the curb on city streets for the purposes of dropping-off or picking-up passengers has historically been acceptable, however, drivers should refer to City of Menomonie regulations regarding any street stopping or parking.