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Dining at UW-Stout is self-operated. This means the University owns and operates the service rather than contracting out to a third party. Self-operation guarantees you the best return on your dining dollar and a responsive staff that is genuinely dedicated to enhancing your campus experience.  

University Dining is an integral part of the student life experience. All operations strive to provide enjoyable dining and social experiences as well as a valuable developmental learning for our student employees. 

Dining Dollars Plan FAQ

Which Dining Dollars plan is best for me?

We recommend first-year students choose the Blue Devil 750 Plan until they learn their dining habits.

Consider how often you will eat in the cafeteria dining locations, and how often you may be eating outside the cafeterias at our retail locations.

Remember, Dining Dollars roll over semester to semester, year to year, so there is no penalty in selecting a higher plan. Students have the opportunity to change their dining plan at the beginning of each semester. 

Where you dine is the most important factor besides the frequency of dining when you select a plan. Dining in Commons Cafeteria and North Point Cafeteria the majority of the time is the most economical use of the Dining Dollars plan.

What if I run low on Dining Dollars funds?

 Additional funds may be deposited throughout the semester.


On-line Deposits

On-line deposits can be made by the student or other individuals, such as parents, using a major debit/credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover). Add Funds Now


Automated and Full-Service Stations

Cash deposits can be a minimum of $1.00 at automated deposit machines. Cash, check, and debit/credit cards can be used at the CampusCard office to make deposits with a $10.00 minimum.

Student Fee Account Charge


Deposits may also be charged to the Student University Fee Account (subject to credit approval) with a minimum charge of $25.00.

What other campus dining locations accept Dining Dollars?

 The Dining Dollars Plan is designed for maximum flexibility on campus. In addition to cafeteria meals, all other University Dining Service operations accept Dining Dollars  Account funds.

Can I treat guests in dining locations with my Dining Dollar

Yes! In the cafeterias the guest's charge will be based on their Dining Dollars Plan participation. Your guest must possess and present a valid Stout Blue Card in order to verify plan participation.

What if I have extra Dining Dollars?

Your unused Dining Dollars will continuously carry forward with you at Stout. You have the opportunity to spend your funds throughout your time at Stout whether you live on or off campus..

What is the board fee?

The Board Fee is a fixed fee paid each semester. It is used to pay for operating costs in our dining locations such as: utilities, labor, supplies, maintenance, insurance, and administrative overhead. This fee pays for everything required to run Commons and North Point Cafeterias, except the food. 

Campus Cash Account FAQ

How do I start a Campus Cash account?

At the time your photo was taken for your UW-Stout Blue Card, a contract was completed that opened a Campus Cash debit account with a zero balance. This account may be activated at any time simply by making a deposit. On-Campus debit plans are transferable ($10 minimum) between similar accounts only (ex. Dining Dollars to Dining Dollars; Campus Cash to Campus Cash.) Seller must be present to authorize transaction.

Can I make a cash withdrawal from my Campus Cash account?

No. These funds are intended to be used on-campus and are not available for withdrawal while a student is actively enrolled or a faculty/staff member is employed.

What happens to the remaining balance on my card?

Is a student is no longer enrolled, or faculty/staff member is no longer employed at UW-Stout, cardholders can no longer deposit into the account, only expend the remaining funds. All funds remain active in the card holder's account until there has been no activity for a 6-month period. After six months, any remaining funds are subject to a monthly service fee. Cardholders may also request to close the account. Status with the university will be confirmed prior to processing the account closure request and issuing a refund. Refund requests must be made by completing the Account Closure Form online or submitting a completed Account Closure Form to the Campus Card Office. Any remaining fee, will be processed according to the card holder's current preference selection.

BlockPlan FAQ

How do I sign up for a BlockPlan?

BlockPlan Dining Contracts are available at the Campus Card Office, Room 110, Merle Price Commons.
Purchase Block Plan Now!

Where can I use my BlockPlan

Your Block Plan will is good in all retail locations on campus. The Memorial Student Center and Jarvis Express also offer daily BlockPlan specials. 

What happens to unused blocks at the end of the semester?

Blocks will carry forward from 1st semester to 2nd semester, but do not carry forward to summer or the year before, so use them up! Use our BlockPlan Costs chart above to help determine what your average block usage will be to ensure you use all your blocks by the end of the academic year. 

Can I use my BlockPlan for guests?

BlockPlan blocks can be used to pay for others as long as the owner of the BlockPlan is present with their Stout BlueCard for payment. You can use any number of meals in a day.


Dining Plans

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