Accessible Information Management - AIM

Streamlining service delivery and management in one tool.
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What is AIM?

Accessible Learning Management (AIM) is a web-based database which provides
interaction and communication between the Disability Services (DS) office, students, and faculty.

Student AIM Portal - Login & Application

Login to apply for service, access or update records, and review information related to access solutions.

Students can:

  1. Apply for DS services online
  2. Independently access their accommodations (Letters of Access) online as well as update their information as needed.  Letters will be sent electronically to instructors the week before class begins.
  3. Electronically request to schedule exams rather than through the paper “Gold Form” that previously arrived through campus mail or hand-delivered by the student.

Instructor AIM Portal - Login

Access notes, resources, and information for eliminating barriers in the classroom.

Instructors can:

  1. View accommodation letters for students registered in their course(s).
  2. Complete the Exam Request Form
    • Gold Form - one time for all exams (for each exam that is proctored similarly)
    • Gold Form one time for all quizzes that are proctored the same.
  3. Upload exams through AIM and send directly to the DS Testing Center
  4. Communicate with the DS office about student testing accommodations
  5. Instructors will be able to view scheduled exam dates and times upon approval by DS.