Information about the various fees you may encounter as a UW-Stout student.
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Collection Fees (Unpaid Obligations)

Past Due Tuition

For students facing difficulty in making tuition payments on time, please contact the Student Business Services (715-232-1656) as soon as possible to set up a payment arrangement. Remember that tuition payments for the present semester must be kept current in order to register for a future term and/or to drop classes.

Collection Costs and Fees

If a student does not pay their tuition bill and the account goes to a collection agency, the student will be responsible for accruing finance charges and collection costs. All outstanding debts with the University must be paid in full and account holds must be rectified or University business will be prohibited, including, but not limited to, receiving transcripts and diplomas.

Graduation Fees

A fee of $100 will be assessed directly to the student's account. This one-time per career, non-refundable fee will be assessed to all undergraduate students the semester they accumulate 90 credits or more. Graduate-level students will be assessed the fee at matriculation.

The graduation fee covers:

  • Commencement Ceremonies
  • Commencement Coordinator
  • Commencement Program
  • Commencement Reception
  • Degree Audit Coordinator
  • Diploma Covers
  • Diploma Paper
  • Diploma Printing
  • Graduation Fair
  • Honors Cordons
  • Ticket Printing

This fee is due regardless of participation in the commencement ceremony. If the fee is not paid, a hold will be placed on student transcript requests, diplomas, and other university records.

Laptop Damage and Repair Fees

All charges for laptop damages or fees will be added to the student's University account. These fees are in accordance with the eStout Laptop Computer Agreement.

Laptop Damage Fee

If a student's computer is found to be damaged during an inspection by a University authorized repair technician, the university may charge the student a $50.00 fee per incident.

Accessory Fee

If accessories are missing when the student returns the laptop to the University, the student will be charged for the full replacement cost of each missing accessory.

Stolen/Lost Fee

If the student fails to report theft or loss of a laptop within 48 hours of the occurrence, the University may bill the student for the replacement costs of the laptop and accessories. In cases of theft or loss, the student may also be responsible for a $400.00 fee.

Non-Compliance Fee

In the event that a student does not return the computer within stated time frames, the University may, at its discretion:

  • place a hold on the student's University records,
  • bill the student for the replacement cost of the computer, and/or charge the student a $400.00 fee,
  • or file a loss of claim with the University's insurance company which would initiate repossession or police investigative action.

Miscellaneous Fees

Fee Type

When Assessed



Credit by ExamAfter approval and before taking the test$75.00 Flat fee and $50.00 per credit or $300.00 for a single test for more than 6 creditsNon-refundable
Finance ChargeAfter payment due date1% (per month)Non-refundable
Graduation - (graduate-level)Initial degree-seeking registration at the graduate level$100.00 (one-time fee)If all classes for term are dropped within 100% refund period
Graduation (undergraduate-level)When completed 90 undergraduate credits$100.00 (one-time fee)If all classes for term are dropped within 100% refund period
International HealthFall and Spring terms for international studentsVariesPrior to third week of term
International OrientationInitial bill for new international students$150.00If all classes for term are canceled before classes start
International ServiceEach term for international students$200.00If all classes for term are canceled before classes start
Late Drop FeeDropped class after the "Drop-retain Record" deadline date$15.00 (per class)Non-refundable
Late FeeAfter payment due date$75.00Non-refundable
New StudentInitial bill for services to support new and transfer student advising, summer registration, and week one orientation support.$205.00 (one-time fee)If all classes for term are dropped within 100% refund period
OIE Service Fee/ National Student Exchange (NSE)When approved for placement at an (NSE) school (post the current term)$400.00Non-refundable
Placement TestingInitial bill for new students at undergraduate level (may exclude transfer students)$50.00 (one-time fee)Non-refundable
Portfolio AssessmentPer portfolio review$75.00 Flat fee and $50.00 per credit or $300.00 per portfolio of 6 credits or moreNon-refundable
Returned ItemReturned from bank
WithdrawalWithdrawals within first two weeks$50.00 (first week) or $100.00 (second week) 


Segregated Fees

Segregated University Fees (SUFs) describe charges in addition to the instructional fees that are assessed to all students for services, programs, and facilities that support the primary mission of the University. 

These fees are in accordance with UW System Administrative Policy 820.

What do segregated fees cover?

Student Activities - SSA Funded Organizations: This allocable portion of segregated fees provides funding for student organization support, student activities, and concerts and lectures as determined by the Stout Student Association.

Student Activities - Campus Activities Office: This non-allocable portion of segregated fees provides funding for personnel contracts.

Intramurals: Programs and facilities operated under the University Recreation Department.

Intercollegiate Athletics: Funding for the Athletic programs at UW-Stout.

Recreation Complex: Debt service, approved capital projects and base operating funding.

University Centers: Support for the base operating funding of student centers/unions not covered by user charges, such as facilities and programs at the Memorial Student Center, events, workshops, retreats and activities that support students’ interest in getting involved on campus and in the community.

Health Services: The University Health Service portion supports the minimum student health program as determined by the Chancellor, and the public health mission of Student Health Services.

Municipal Services: This portion of segregated fees is used to fund other items as determined by the institution, consistent with the non-allocable definition and System policies.

University Identification System: This portion is used to fund the University ID system.

Textbook Rental: While this is technically not a segregated fee, it is very similar in how it is billed and used. This portion of the fees is used to fund the textbook rental program through the Instructional Resources Service.

Special Course Fees

Some courses at UW-Stout have individual, special fees for things like laboratory equipment, field trips, or project materials. If a course is listed in one of the documents below, you will be charged an additional fee when you register for the course.

These fees are in accordance with UW System Administrative Policy 825.

Withdrawal and Drop Fees

University Withdrawal Fee

If you withdraw from the university, you will be charged a fee of $50 for withdrawal during the first week, and $100 for withdrawal during the second week.

If you leave the university without officially withdrawing as per university regulations, you will be charged the full 100% of tuition and fees due to the university. If you are able to document that you have not attended the course(s) for which you registered (non-attendance), you will be assessed 20% of the original fees due, reduced to resident rates, and any late fees or finance charges.

Course Drop Fee

If you drop a course after the initial online drop period, you will be charged a $15.00 fee. Failure to drop a class within the permitted time frame will result in a charge for the class (weekends are included when counting these dates).