Waste Reduction Work Group

Reducing our campus' landfilled waste with a focus on reusing, reducing, recycling and composting
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We are staff and students who work to reduce the waste UW-Stout sends to the landfill.

What does the Waste Reduction Work Group do?

  • Ensure compliance with UW-Stout's Waste Reduction Administrative Procedure, mandating recycling and compost receptacles at all waste collection locations on campus
  • Audit our waste streams (recycling, compost, and trash) to identify improvements in waste reduction
  • Provide waste-related education and training for campus students and employees
  • Work to build on UW-Stout's success with waste reduction

This committee is co-chaired by Darrin Witucki, Director of Student Centers and Kadi Wright, Sustainability Manager. Email us at recycle@uwstout.edu.

Recycling & Composting for Employees at UW-Stout
Recycling audit
Members of the Waste Reduction Work Group performing an audit of our campus recycling.
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Waste Reduction Procedure

Want to know about the administrative procedure we use to guide our waste reduction work?
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Waste Reduction at UW-Stout

Check out our Waste Reduction web page to learn how to recycle and compost at UW-Stout.
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Waste Reduction in the Community

Dunn County Solid Waste & Recycling is the best resource for off-campus students and staff interested in reducing waste.
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