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At UW-Stout we know that specific processes and subject matter facilitate outstanding leadership - our extensive research and experience confirm it. We have effective, proven strategies and techniques to help you develop the leadership expertise you've been journeying toward all along. Take the next step with a leadership course and prepare for arrival at your leadership destination.

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Managing and Transforming Difficult Emotions

Asynchronous Online Class

SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Online Certification Prep Course

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Our Philosophy:

Leadership is an influence-based relationship that drives success through shared values and an approach to real change (Daft, 2015).  Leadership is also known as authentic, reality-based, charismatic, transactional, integral, ethical, servant, and more.  These designations come down to one thing:  leadership is transformational.  Transformation is about change, evolution, renovation, growth…new, better, exciting, innovative, and more.  The Leadership Institute believes that leadership development and growth can transform individuals, teams, and organizations through positive, progressive, and growth-filled approaches that are customized for your needs and wants.  Our transformation process will utilize the latest research, metrics, and applied knowledge to help you be successful and more.


Learning – open to ideas that help us provide the best solutions to our students, campus, clients, and our communities.  
Respect – treat all people as individuals and bring out the value of their skills and talents.  
Growth – strive to support all growth, whether incremental or transformational.  
Integrity – act with the highest ethical behavior and maintain integrity with each other, our campus, our clients, and our communities.