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Editor: Shannon Mersand
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Using Polls and Surveys to Collect Feedback

Polls and surveys are efficient ways to get a sense of your audience needs, thoughts and opinions. These online tools are useful in event planning, meetings, classrooms, training and presentations to assess understanding, request feedback, check for understanding or to gather information from participants.

4 Common Sense Tips for Creating Surveys that Work 
Scott Smith, Ph.D. provides four helpful tips on how to design surveys and questions to maximize impact.

Surveys 101: A Simple Guide to Asking Effective Questions 
Stephanie Beadell discusses how to design poll and survey questions and utilize each type of question based on the results needed.

Tips for Creating Web Surveys for Completion on a Mobile Device 
Kyley McGeeney discusses how to make sure users of smartphones and other mobile devices can access and participate in polls and surveys.

Teacher’s Guide to Polling in the Classroom
Pamela DeLoatch explores the why and how of polls and surveys in the classroom.

Free Survey Tools

Google Forms



Stellar Survey

Free Polling Tools



Viewlet Poll


Tech Tip: How to Create a Twitter Poll

Richard Byrne walks us through how to create a Twitter poll. (Video: 2 minutes)

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