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ePorftolios and Alternative Resumes to Help You Stand Out

Standing out as the best candidate for a job can be difficult.

Check out the resources that will help you build ePortfolios and non-traditional resumes.

Types of Resumes provides information to help understand the different types of resumes, as well as guides and worksheets to help you write each one.

6 Tips for Using a Creative Resume 
Michelle Kruse offers advice on when to use creative resumes, and what to make sure you include.

Your ePortfolio: Essential Job Marketing Too
Jim Hasse explains what an ePortfolio is, why having one is essential for your job hunt and what to include.

5 Alternatives to the Same Old Resume 
Daniel Howden provides 5 alternatives to a traditional resume.

Tech Tip: Free Tools to Create a Visual Resume

Check out Chandan Kumar's 11 FREE Tools to Create Outstanding Visual Resume

Featured Course

Enroll in individual courses for professional development or to renew a teaching license or complete four courses for the certificate.

EDUC 651 Project-based Learning in the Flipped Classroom

Practical project-based flipped approaches to improve learner motivation and engagement. Includes classroom management, effective assessment, and group collaboration techniques. 

Our students say…

"You have opened my eyes to a whole new way to run my classroom, a better way for students to learn."
~ Denise Tufts, Certified Nursing Assistant instructor HS, Greene, Maine

"This class was a great learning experience for me. I feel using these new ideas and processes will make my classroom a better experience and make me a better instructor.”
~Elise Fisher, Director of Campus Instructional Technology, Liberty, Missouri